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Why Human Element And Technology Is The Ideal Combination In B2B Marketing

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Shiv Panchagiri
CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Di Consultants
Posted on June 26, 2023

It is a data-driven world, and the effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns run by almost every industry depends on data-generated insights. Hence, the importance of data cannot be overstated. 

While most companies tend to lean towards automation and AI (which isn’t wrong), the importance of human intervention is often taken for granted. There are several ways to carry out these activities, but every tool and software you use must be coupled with human intervention.

The Importance of Human Intervention

Marketing data requires insights generated by people, not machines or algorithms. Here are a few examples of how human interference still plays a significant part in decoding data even though machine learning now outweighs human influence.

You Need Insights

You can never solve a problem by relying solely on data; instead, use data to evaluate and people to understand. Automated answers only function well in the beginning. In the following stages, an in-depth response will be needed to go along with these responses. You just can’t always rely on auto-generated responses. You need to be able to connect with the user, and a machine cannot do that; you need human skills to connect with a human. 

Build Trust

With AI’s help, automation has only come close to human intellect. Utilizing technology is efficient, but creating relationships and trust with customers can only be accomplished with someone who knows and experiences human emotions. Only when businesses strike an emotional chord with their clients will they be recognized for their service. Despite its importance in today’s society, marketing automation will never be able to accomplish this attachment. You need the skills of a human to build and execute effective communication strategies 

Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Larger data also increases the danger of discovering misleading connections or conclusions that need to be more relevant or actionable. A machine can find any number of answers, but it takes a human to tell the difference between treasure and trash. Marketers must have a complete understanding of where to go for leads in order to strike gold with their lead generation plan. It frequently begins with the early recognition of opportunity, which human intervention can accomplish.

Eliminate The Bias

The information provided by technology could be biased. Especially when requested for an evaluation of a product or service. These issues can only be remedied with human intervention, not by machines.

Data security & privacy

With AI being more widely utilized, its potential to store and detect private information to intrude on a user’s privacy is expanding. Users will likely be concerned about their privacy and data security as AI apps become more sophisticated and integrated. However, by adding the human touch, you can add an extra layer of security to ensure your consumer’s data is protected and secure. 


The bottom line is that conversion is challenging even if you sell unless you tell a compelling story. Emotions are a connecting force in stories; we know that machines or robots cannot tell fantastic stories.