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Data Excellence for Sales & Marketing: Access TAM, ICP, and Personas with Accuracy

Rely on our expertise to target the perfect audience with precision and gain access to valuable competitor insights. Make informed decisions with human-verified data and watch your conversion rates grow! With the perfect combination of technology and human skills, our team will help you with a custom and research-backed sales marketing database for your outreach campaigns.

Power Up Your Sales & Marketing with Data-driven Insights and Human-verified Database 


Segmented campaigns can result in a whopping 760% increase in revenue. Focus on just the right buyer personas and the Ideal Customer Profile. Create personalized messaging, products, and services that resonate


208% is how much revenue can increase with an ABM Database strategy. Gain invaluable insights into your target audience and competitors, empowering informed decision-making and strategic marketing operations. 


Poor data costs companies about $13 million per year. Leverage the combination of human skills and the latest AI to get accurate and reliable data

What Our Sales & Marketing Data Solutions Do For You?


TAM, ICP, and Right
Persona Identification
With the power of data-driven strategies, find out your Total Addressable Market, Ideal Customer Profile, and buyer persona to reach your ideal customers. Gain laser-focused targeting, maximize conversion rates, and tap new marketplaces like never before.


Customized Contact
and Account Data
Leverage precise audience segmentation based on technographics, firmographics, contact filters, and geographic data. Gain comprehensive competitor insights, allowing you to tap into their target audience segments.


Secondary Research with Human-verified Data

Discover highly trustworthy data in reference to ICP after thorough secondary market research. Rely on our meticulous marketing database validation and research process for the most reliable information.

Why are Our Sales and Marketing
Data Services the Ideal Choice for Your Business?

Digital Di Consultants combine expertise and proven results to drive your success.
Apart from this, here’s what makes us the best fit for your business.

One size doesn't fit all - our sales and marketing data experts understand that. So, we take the time to understand your unique challenges and provide customized solutions that drive optimal results.

Data Accuracy
and Quality

We utilize rigorous data validation processes and reliable sources to ensure that the data we deliver to you is up-to-date, relevant, and trustworthy, maximizing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.


Our seamless integration capabilities empower you to effortlessly transfer sales and marketing data to your preferred CRM software and seamlessly integrate it with your marketing automation system.


Your business goals are our priority. Equipped with research-on-demand capabilities, our team consults with our clients to understand their data requirements and customize our data-gathering operations accordingly.

FAQs - Find Your Answers Here

Have questions about our sales and marketing data services? Read our FAQs.
Digital Di Consultants can help your business identify its target audience through data-driven strategies, market research, and audience analysis techniques, ensuring precise targeting for maximum impact.
Digital Di Consultants employs advanced techniques, and data analysis such as technology installs and intent signals to help businesses identify their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and the right personas.
Our services are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. From research on demand to tailored solutions, we work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit for your requirements.
Our MarTech consultants utilize a variety of reputable sources for secondary research. These may include industry reports, market surveys, government data, and credible online sources.
Human verification of data ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information, enabling us to precisely identify your company’s target audience based on specific attributes and criteria.

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