Digital Di Consultants: Bringing B2B Database and B2B Marketing Automation Consulting and Managed Services Together

We at Digital Di Consultants are a team of professionals that strives to assist you with your marketing and sales efforts. Combined or separately, our MarTech consultation and Data Management services bring implementable business solutions. Our services are focused on using leading-edge opportunities, and we work with all types of businesses from every corner of the globe. Our team of professionals looks forward to catering to your needs.

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Know More About Digital Di Consultants

Do you want to expand your business with advanced marketing operations and a strong lead management strategy? Or, are you looking to begin your CRM Database Management journey? At Digital Di Consultants, we offer these and many other services to maximize your return on investment and ensure faster growth.

Who we are?

At Digital Di Consultants, we are a team of B2B marketing and sales consultants, MarTech consulting experts, data research professionals, project managers, campaign specialists, and much more. Our team of experts includes:


120+ trusted and reliable sources for collecting data

When working with us, you can leverage the expertise of 75 excellent and skillful professionals in Secondary Market Research that involves Google research and relevant data gathering process, all backed by a leadership team with half a decade of data experience. We take pride in sharing our team’s expertise in identifying TAM, ICP, and Personas. Please contact our customer support for any query or additional support.


10+ Certified MarTech Consultants

We have three decades of combined experience planning and creating marketing operations programs. From email marketing experts to project managers, we understand and actualize result-oriented strategies. Our B2B MarTech consulting services focus on driving business for business.

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Our Tried & Testing Process For The Best Results

Our B2B Database Management services are extremely effective as we have a process in place that ensures we’re able to make the most and get the best results. Here’s a detailed description of how our process works.


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Identification and understanding

>> The initial conversation will focus on data discovery and identifying the Ideal Customer Profile.
>> We learn about the data background, status, and goal.

qualitative research


We offer sampling as the next step focusing on delivering the utmost satisfaction. It is just a demo of how your final product will be.




Team creation

We assign a dedicated team for each project after the data sample approval. It comprises a project manager, 2 data researchers, 2 data processors, and 1 QC person.

master data

Post-data delivery

Your team will collaborate with the account manager once the data is delivered.


Make The Most of Our Marketing Automation Expertise?

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Being responsible for your business’s marketing operations, you can have several to-dos on your list. However, it nowhere eliminates the need for your team for your ongoing activities – marketing operations, email campaigns, or troubleshooting the integration. Our expertise can help you and your team run your marketing operations effectively.

At Digital Di, we can assist you with appropriate strategies for your marketing operations. We have been working with many businesses for years now, so we are sure to safeguard you from any stumbling blocks. We combine our expertise, perspective, and experience to maximize your return.

We can support you for achieving your marketing operation/ MarTech goals for the next six months. We leave no opportunity unturned and will utilize every effective strategy to create a clear road map for you to reach ahead. Once we have a road map, we will assist you in executing it.


The Trust From Clients