Digital Di Consultants


Hugh Platt-Hepworth

Corporate Development, Vislink Technologies inc.

At Vislink Technologies we were wanting to expand our digital marketing reach via HubSpot and online marketing lead generation to boost our overall revenue across our entire product suite across the world. We were referred to Digital Di Consultants by a very trusted marketing source who informed us that they could assist us from a bottom up approach.

Immediately upon meeting Shiv we were very impressed with his manner, diligent approach and perhaps most of all his business mindset. Without hesitation he and Kawal recommended several methods to both increase our revenue but also reduce our overall costs. We saw an immediate and lasting impact.

At a first instant, Digital Di Consultants cleansed our SalesForce data to ensure that only the most accurate and verified accounts were retained. This resulted in nearly 30% of accounts being deleted which in turn allowed us to have a highly targeted approach to marketing.

Kawal, at Digital Di Consultants, then assisted us with the always difficult task of migrating all data to HubSpot whilst also, simultaneously, setting up our marketing operations to ensure that our internal marketing department would be able to create the best and most efficient process possible.

Kawal and Shiv were a delight to work with. Very professional, responsive and most of all willing to help the entire team succeed. I would highly recommend them to all.