Custom and Flexible Landing Pages

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Build complex Landing Page Templates in the Pardot instance for a large communications technology company.


  • A large communications technology company has its biggest global in-house conference in the 2nd week of November 2022. The client wanted to drive the registrations and share information and details about different booths.
  • The main contact on the client side has great hands-on experience with Marketo and very little knowledge about Pardot.
  • Audience size: 1,500+
  • Geography: Global – NA, APAC, LATAM, EEMEA


The client’s request was to build Complex Landing Page Templates in their “classic” Pardot instance.

The definition of a complex LP template on this project:

    1. Header with 6 hyperlinks that connect/redirect to the client’s specific product/ solutions website pages.


  1. A master LP will have 25+ sections/ modules. Now, depending on the event LP, design it in a way that LP in the way the client would hide the modules/ sections depending on the LP design.
         A) Design either LP with at least of these functionalities:

            i.) Toggle On/off

           ii.) Hide sections

          iii.) Drag and drop functionalities

  1. Footer with 30+ hyperlinks without leverage snippets (since it’s a classic instance)


We have 5 web developers that specialize in building customized LP templates in Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot” to “Our web development team specializes in building customized LP templates in Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot

  • Build customized master 4 LP templates with different variations.
  • Bootstrap functionality with variables (true or false) to hide the sections.

A. Customized LP is built

B. Upon request for a new LP creation, the MOPs person can edit it by selecting a specific section/ module that needs to be hidden or deleted. Once you edit the LP, you will find:

      B1. Right Hand Side: The HTML code of the master LP

      B2. Left-Hand Side: All the sections/ modules of the LP


image 47

The team created a complete document and the client’s MOPs team was trained on the process

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This process helped the client prepare customized LPs that enhance the marketing program experience for the better user experience