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Lead Scoring

Digital Di Consultants helped a Cloud Service Provider with Lead Scoring within their HubSpot instance.


Empower Your Marketing Team

The marketing and the sales team were having difficulties agreeing on the mutual definition or constant tension about the lead quality which resulted in affecting the company’s bottom line negatively – revenue.

Action- Plan

Digital Di Consultants got into working sessions with the key stakeholders from Sales and Marketing (Marketing Director, MOPs, Sales Director, and Sales operations manager) to understand the current status of lead qualification, and the objectives for setting up the multi-dimensional lead scoring model that measures the qualification as well as the interest level of the users. In these working sessions, role play activity was done by the Sales which helped Digital Di Consultants’ team understand the scoring parameters of the lead qualification.

Scoring Module: These working sessions helped in incorporating marketing and sales key opinions as well as lead scoring that moves prospects through the funnel using activity triggers.

We laid out a plan considering the following parameters:


Lead funnel taxonomy – Determine what user actions to score

a. Positive Scoring – Assigning a positive score based on the below activities. Demographic Scoring – Scoring implemented based on the lead/contact job title, industry, and company to differentiate the ideal buying persona Behavior/Web Scoring – Assign scoring depending on the behavior they’ve exhibited on the website Behavior/Channel Scoring – Assign scoring based on the behavior they’ve exhibited on different channels – attending a webinar or an event, Online advertising, Paid Search, Social channels

b. Negative Scoring – Reducing score based on lead engagement inactivity or if the user has unsubscribed, the lead status is updated to disqualified, email is bounced. 


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High scoring value was assigned to the behavioral activity which infers high-quality leads based on the conversation during our working sessions.


Lead nurture strategies were aligned with the buying cycle.

Post- Implementation

The Digital Di Consultants team worked closely with the Sales and Marketing team to implement the lead-scoring module in the automation platform. The synergy between the teams helped in aligning most parts of the module and both the teams felt that they were given importance.


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