Customized Contact and Account Data

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Outrank competitors with accurate data and insights

We at Digital Di Consultants aim to provide highly specific data to help businesses boost their conversion rates. We help you segregate your target audience based on their specific attributes. You can easily transfer vital data to your preferred CRM software and integrate it with your marketing automation system.

Accessing your target audience and competitors' data is essential, as it can be an invaluable asset for your business endeavors. We at Digital Di Consultants provide accurate customer and company data to help you with your business endeavors and make data-driven decisions.

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Technographic data provides insights into your customer’s technical stacks and help you understand their evolving needs. It describes the use of various technology solutions, their adoption rates, and the potential challenges they present to your business.

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Leverage high-end technology to access descriptive attributes of various competitor businesses to access their target audience segments and discover their ideal customers. This data is highly effective for increasing the efficiency of your sales campaign.

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Contact filters


Identify your target audience and concentrate your marketing efforts on your potential business prospects. We improvise industry-leading technology and multiple filters to provide you with an email list highly specific to your marketing endeavors and maximize conversion rates.

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Search by location

We leverage industry-leading technology to provide location-specific data. Segment your potential business prospects in a specific location. Improvise advanced filters such as a zip code and the city or state name to locate your potential business prospects in a specific region.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The process of building a database in reference to ICP after detailed secondary market research which involved human skills and experience.